Broken minds – DYBBUK

«Dybbuk» is not just a random word or name, it has a much deeper meaning that we wanted to share. Dybbuk, in addition to being a demon in Jewish folklore, is a play on words. Dybbuk represents the similarity between the political lies and the lies of the demons of mythology, in order to control the souls of the people and diminish the individual thinking capacity of human beings, through corrupt media and politicians. This can manipulate and transform millions of humans. Just like «Humanity», we wanted to bring a deeper message into our music and we think that we’ve definitely achieved this. We’re really excited for the release and hope that you like it!


Dark matter clouded our nation, but nothing can stop the raveolution of the ruler! Broken Minds to created a special 2021 anthem to preserve our SYNDICATE sound. Listen to it now and stream/download it at The biggest event for the harder styles of electronic music in Germany. Hardcore, Hardstyle, Hardtechno and Techno are presented on four floors at Westfalenhalle Dortmund.


Silence is the last thing you’ll expect to hear in Broken Minds & Nosferatu’s first ever collaboration ‘The Silence in the Room‘. Both acts are present in full force in this high quality, perfectly crafted banger.


Thrill seekers and voyagers, this one is for you! For those with an explorative spirit, the majestic new Broken Minds and D-Frek collaboration “Wanderer” will be the perfect companion for all of your adventures this summer. Masters of Hardcore representatives Broken Minds have been dominating the scene since signing to the label with back to back bangers that give you the full spectrum of hardcore music. For their newest release “Wanderer”, they joined up with the Frenchcore talent D-Frek who adds a special upbeat energy to the track. This combination proves to be magical and full of sparks! Broken Minds & D-Frek – Wanderer is out now on Masters of Hardcore.


2021 has definitely been a busy year for Spanish MOH artists Broken Minds! Releasing «Die Alone» with AniMe, «We Arrive» and «Storm In The Quiet», the pair have been non-stop in the studio preparing more hardcore ammo for your eardrums.

Broken Minds return to the ranks with a new solo that’s totally off the chain. Thematic and atmospheric by nature, «Chain Breaker» brings you their finest sounds together with a variety of kicks and devastating drops!


A hardcore uprising like no other, Masters of Hardcore’s specially-crafted ‘INSURRECTION’ album will empower you with the most rebellious and savage sounds, brought to you by an a-class line-up of undisputed artists.


It’s time for our newest signing Broken Minds to shine! The pair will present their first release as a signed Masters of Hardcore artist on March 1. Pre-save «We Arrive» and expect the unexpected ⚡

AniMe x Broken Minds – Die Alone

This second collab between AniMe and Broken Minds brings a very deep message, high quality melodic hardcore and the perfect combination between drama and darkness, Die Alone.

Tha Playah, broken minds & nolz – the awakening

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? Woken from their eternal slumber, label chief Tha Playah brings in the unrelenting power of Broken Minds and the vocal fury from Nolz for a titanic team-up. “The Awakening” strikes that cunning balance between volatile Hardcore kickdrums, exciting melodies and all-out raw power. Let the energy of these four fuse with your very soul and guide you into the fight. Time to wake the f#@! up!

broken minds x mbk x prime – yallah habibi

Back in the middle ages we released «Yippee Ki Yay» from them, and well, you see how that one went!! So of course we begged on our hands and knees, asking for a new collab from this Spanish/Israeli exotic mix-up and we then received «Yallah Habibi» in our inbox! Enjoy this spicy and herbal hardcore track from the best of the best boiz.

the weeknd – blinding lights (broken Minds frenchy)

I’ve been tryna call, I’ve been on my own for long enough. Maybe you can show me how to love, maybe I’m going through withdrawals. You don’t even have to do too much. You can turn me on with just a touch, baby.

broken minds – elevated

A brand new Dominator album has been released on the 18th of July. This album contains no less than 12 never heard before tracks by none other than Angerfist, Miss K8, Deadly Guns, Mad Dog, DRS, N-Vitral, Nosferatu, Tha Playah, F.Noize, Furyan, Dither & Broken Minds which will all be premiered during The Spectacle!

Broken minds – Humanity

Before watching and listening the next composition, you must know that this is a track made from the heart, inspired in real facts defined during the long story of our species, written by Broken Minds, a track made to make a reflexion about where we come from and where are we going to, a track created for the 7 arts. To enjoy this track at the fullest, stop doing what you’re doing, free your mind, take a deep breath, take your time. Once you’re ready, press play and let the music take you where not other thing can.

Broken minds x mbk x prime – yippee ki yay

YIPPEE KI YAY, MOTHERF**KERS!!!3 We got something spicy for you; in fact, we have one of the zestiest culinary blends consisting of Broken Minds, MBK and MC Prime. Yum, what a fukn treat! But seriously, while ur feasting on Spanish paella and Israeli hummus (together), you should also press PLAY on their LOUD AF new collab «Yippee Ki Yay». The kicks are out of this world, the vocals are out of this wor– fuck it, everything about this track is out of this world. AFT3R002 – Broken Minds & MBK feat. MC Prime – Yippee Ki Yay is OUT NOW on Afterlife

kronos – the future (broken minds remix)

This is the official Hardcore video of ‘The Future (Broken Minds Remix)’ by Kronos and Broken Minds, released on Scantraxx BLACK.

broken minds ft. prime – the hour

(official free festival anthem 2020)

Liberation in sound! This is the Free Festival hardcore anthem by Broken Minds!

korsakoff & broken minds – lost myself

Masters of Hardcore’s queen Korsakoff is still to this day releasing feel-good, addictive Hardcore beats for all! Launching that 2020 energy into overdrive alongside the Spanish duo Broken Minds, their emotive and high-energy collaboration «Lost Myself» is now here and accompanied by a passionate music video shot at Masters of Hardcore Spain in 2019.

korsakoff – lyra (broken minds remix)

Time has flown by since our very first Masters of Hardcore release almost 25 years ago and to celebrate, we are releasing an 100% Hardcore EP that contains three remixes of legendary MOH tunes from the past. The first remix on the EP has been created by Deadly Guns, as he gives Angerfist’s “Bad Attitude” the royal thrashcore treatment. The second remix goes to Broken Minds, who have modernized and jacked up Korsakoff’s “Lyra”. And last, but not least, Blaster makes his MOH debut by remixing Re-Style’s 2009 banger “Asskicked”. MOH 300 is OUT NOW on Masters of Hardcore.

broken minds & anime – absolute power

ABSOLUTE POWER ❗ What else can you expect from a collab by Broken Minds and Dj AniMe?!